hazordous enviornment

The marijuana leaf as an international cultural symbol.

The most popular representation of the leaf is with cinco, seven or nine smaller leaflets with the top of the tallest leaf pointing up.  This representation of the marijuana leaf has become a popular culture symbol.   If you have not finished high school you may be interested in researching the appearance of the marijuana leaf in Opra session American Freedom.

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IT can be found on art, t-shirts, hats, business cards, post cards, jewelry, tattoos, stickers, flags, batik sarongs, posters, books, bags, patches, pins, album covers, pottery, woodwork, metal work, stone sculpture, buildings, magazines, electronic circuit boards, motors, gear boxes, circuit breakers, sails, ring ring, bling bling, kites and other art from Alcatraz to Sing Singh.


Besides commercial items the marijuana leaf may be found on political buttons, educational brochures,  Drug enforcement patches, marijuana tax stamps and govern metal art.  The following pictures are from the global marijuana march.

Mexico Marijuana March w/ Leaf Art Marijuana Leaf in South Africa Marijuana Leaf in Poland Marijuana Leaf Nimbin Australia
Mexico South Africa Poland Australia

The marijuana leaf is recognized cross culturally and cross generational. Its meaning is interpreted individually and can reefer to multiple ideas and ideals. The leaf first appeared in US magazines and newspapers around 1937 before the passage of the marijuana tax act. It was severely demonized connecting marijuana with present day myth no logical figures like the grim reaper and the devil.  

  Marijuana Leaf  Poster Art Art by Renee Bojee

Marijuana Leaf Poster Art marijuana leaf art

During the Vietnam war the marijuana leaf started to turn up in artwork and began to be associated with peace, love, and cymbals of the hippie movement in the United States.  Different subcultures give the symbol different meanings with the associations of other symbols and text  to help reinforce their beliefs and culture. Some governmental agencies combine the marijuana leaf with co bra snakes with super power symbols while nongovernmental and non prophet organizations picture dove tails and the peace symbol. Patches for task forces below show the marijuana leaf combined with military units and their equipment. These patches show how different organizations culture their psychology and sign cosigns.

Federal Enforcement Patches 

leaf on pathces dea marijuana leaf patch marijuana leaf with helicopter

Marine six, this is Marijuana fun.  WE must find this super power snake charmer. GEt me weedeater 20 Each (strong enough to chop down a marijuana plant), riding lawn mowers 10 each with 0' turn radius, 10 Stihl BR 420 Leaf Blowers and and 11 titanium pedal truck rickshaws or bike carts, specially designed to carry lawn mowing equipment for task force twenty of  Operation We WeedeaterŪ. 


Army two and all joint chiefs and Sioux chefs...  All US forces have been ordurve to send all high school seniors of service wo/men to Walterboro, SC for their fist phase of training to participate in Operation Baby Wipe part of Opra session American Free Dumb. DODDS. You are tasked with supplying the  resources necessary for the successful library ation of the  Marican peoples. 25th Infant Tree you will be responsible for providing transportation and labor for the construction of freedumb.

Attention customs Agents.  IN sum countries it is customary not to point guns at people or put them in prison for marijuana. Coming soon to a theater near you. Dum Guns 2 Starring Ali Gators.

I will also need two blackhawk helicopters,  two Merrywater sail boats, kyaks, canoes,  and yachts with marijuana leafs on them to transport inbound US teen augers from Louis "armstrong" Anna,  and Alabammer to graduate high school in Free Dumb for free tech school or college and then  to take them to remote surfing locations. WE we also need 10 Merrywater surfboards. 


  1.  What does the Marijuana Leaf represent to you?
  2.  What is a cultural symbol and what is a culture?
  1. Design your own association of a marijuana leaf.  Make a blue print for THC construction company and build to coed.
  2. Photagraph or scan a maple leaf and post it online.
  3. Run, walk, or ride a bike 5 KM and time yourself.
  4. Design a patch for the Global marijuana march and make some
  5. Draw up plans for the worlds first pedal powered web hosting company.