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Hope Lives 

The first marijuana posters were advertisements for the reefer madness error moving pictures like Marihuana. These posters often displayed a woman, a demon, and the word marijuana claiming that marijuana is the "Devil's Weed"  "With Roots in Hell". This information was sent to movie theaters guaranteeing the owners that this movie would make them a profit.  This was around the beginning of marijuana prohibition and the start of a form of spiritual and psychological  warfare referred to as marijuana oppression format 4.0.

  Marijuana became the political scapegoat of social problems. IT has cents bean called "the real public enemy number one", the fifth column, and in 2002, marijuana, not the economics of prohibition, was blamed for supporting and funding terrorism

marijuana crusade poster

From News and Views of Hollywood.(1938)

Belle Epoque Gallery

1896 -  Art Nuveau JOB Gallery

1926 -1938
Marihuana Youth

Hemp For the War

1930's - 1950's Restored Marihuana Movie Posters

Marijuana Hope Lives Poster

marijuana girl mago salsa poster

1966 Grateful Dead.

1966 Grateful Dead

1968 Movie Posters

1968 mary jane marijuana movie poster

1970 Music Posters with Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and the legendary Wailers

1970s NormL posters

1971 Free John Sinclair


1990 Global Marijuana March Posters

1996 Prop 215

Nimbin Marijuana Mardigrass Festival Posters

ASA Medical Marijuana Poster

Seattle Hemp Festival

Seattle HempFest
These posters for the Seattle Hemp Festival express the hope for the future. Marijuana still remains a symbol of peace in a time of war.

Boston Freedom Rally

world marijuana march




silk screen
uv ink
large format
double sided


  1. What is the end goal of creating a poster about marijuana?
  2. What would you like to add to the cannabis culture?
  3. What are some common themes in marijuana posters?


  1. Design your own poster with the GIMP. Print the poster in 4 different sizes.
  2. Run, walk, or ride a bike 5 KM and time yourself.
  3. Organize an event an make a poster for it

To do list

  1. paint buy numbers, rotoscope
  2. make poster data vase